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We're an accommodating people in Alaska, with all sorts of hotels and lodges scattered across our vast state. Here are some of our recommendations:

a. Ketchikan. Alternatively "Alaska's First City" and "Alaska's Gateway City", Ketchikan is a wonderful city and a great place to start or end your Alaska adventure. The Narrows Inn offers waterfront accommodations, where you'll view the busy Tongass Narrows waterway. Whether it's a float plane, a freight barge, a state ferry or a cruise ship, you'll see plenty of activity along this scenic waterway. The Narrows Lodge offers a full-service restaurant/bar, plus free pickup service from the airport ferry (town side).

b. Juneau. We like the Driftwood Lodge. It's located right downtown. Complimentary van drop off/pick up to airport/ferry. Many rooms have kitchens. Complimentary wi-fi available. Make this your base camp for adventure in Alaska's Capital City. Remember: whale watching, tram rides, flights to Glacier Bay and Skagway--the works. Don't miss it.

c. Skagway. Stay at the Historic Skagway Inn. Make time to explore Skagway--once the hub of the Gold Rush! Take the White Pass Railway for a scenic ride up to White Pass. learn how the gold miners struggled to get over the pass in 1898!

Alaska Accommodations, Hotels & Lodgingd. Chitina. Where is Chitina? It's just off the Richardson Highway between Glennallen and Valdez. It's the Gateway to Wrangell St. Elias National Park . It's right on the Copper River. Stay a couple of nights and enjoy their hospitality and good food!

e Kennicott. The Kennicott Glacier Lodge is located in the midst of what used to be the world's largest copper mine. You look over a glacier and you're within striking distance of epic mining history. Make time to take a walk on a glacier. But don't be late for supper. It's delicious--served family-style.

f. Seward. Stay at the historic Van Gilder Inn.

There are many other top-quality lodges and hotels throughout Alaska--these are just a few. All of them feature a TourSaver coupon for second-night-free.


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