Alaska TourSaver® App Activities, Attractions and Information

2017 Alaska TourSaver Apps Are Available Now in iTunes App Store

  • Once the App is downloaded, wi-fi or cell service is not required.

  • Only the Statewide Alaska version is available for Android phones.

  • Regional Apps are available for iPhone only.

  • Statewide Apps contain all of the same coupons as the print edition.

  • TourSaver Apps are purchased at Apple's iTunes App Store and Google Play.

  • TourSaver's print edition refund policy does not apply to Apps.  Contact Apple or Google for refunds.

All Prices = U.S. Dollars • Apple & Google Exchange Rates Apply Outside of U.S.*

Statewide App - $99.99
Over $15,000 in Coupons
Statewide Alaska TourSaver App - Alaska Travel Coupons

Inside Passage App 69.99
Over $5,000 in Coupons
Inside Passage Alaska TourSaver App - Alaska Travel Coupons

SouthCentral/Interior App $79.99
Over $10,000 in Coupons
SouthCentral-Interior Alaska TourSaver App - Alaska Travel Coupons

Statewide App - $99.99
Over $15,000 in CouponsStatewide Alaska TourSaver Android App - Alaska Travel Coupons 

Statewide Alaska Deals

Inside Passage Deals

SouthCentral/Int Deals

Statewide Alaska Deals 

Please Watch Video Below for Instructions About Using TourSaver APPS: 

For 2017, TourSaver has created two new apps that contain offers for specific regions of Alaska. There is an app for Inside Passage, another app for SouthCentral & Interior Alaska and our 5th annual publication of the Statewide edition of the Alaska TourSaver® app. For Android phone, only the Statewide edition is available.

List of: Alaska Statewide Deals  Inside Passage Deals  SouthCentral/Interior Alaska Deals

Alaska TourSaver - Alaska Travel Coupons

Alaska Toursaver App Screenshots


Visit The TourSaver App Website for More Info about the Apps. 

*Apple and Google control their own exchange rates for Apps.

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Alaska BackCountry Access

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