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Alaska TravelGram is published by Scott McMurren. He's an Alaska travel expert, with 37 years experience in the travel business, primarily in Alaska. He lives in Anchorage with his wife, kids and their dogs, Tanya and Penny. He loves Alaska.

The Alaska TravelGram is an email travel newsletter/website published by Shining Sea Communications, Inc.

It's free to subscribe but the Alaska TravelGram is a for-profit business enterprise. The purpose of the Alaska TravelGram is to provide news you can use about new travel destinations, hot travel deals, special insider knowledge on when and how to get the best deals, and other items of interest to travelers. Scott considers travel to be the first leg of diplomacy and he is a real evangelist for the art and practice of traveling whether it is around Alaska or around the world. Want to subscribe to TravelGram? Subscribe Here.

See more Alaska travel videos from Alaska Video Postcards.

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Alaska travel videos from Alaska TravelGram with some TourSaver partners.

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