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Anchorage Alaska Skyline

Anchorage, Alaska summers are full-time! Remember, it stays light all night in the Land of the Midnight Sun. In this view of Anchorage from Earthquake Park (right), you can look across Cook Inlet to and see the Chugach Mountains behind the city. These mountains provide a dramatic backdrop for the long, lingering summertime sunsets.

Another by-product of the long summer days is the robust flowers that spring up all around Anchorage, Alaska. Take a walk around Anchorage's colorful Town Square (below). You'll see flowers of all shapes and sizes. Stroll over to the "Log Cabin" visitor center, where you'll see a mileage chart to many other world capitals.

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Anchorage is located at 61°13'06" North, 149°53'57" West in South Central Alaska. It lies slightly farther north than Oslo, Helsinki and St. Petersburg. It is northeast of the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island, and Cook Inlet, due north of the Kenai Peninsula, northwest of Prince William Sound and Alaska Panhandle, and nearly due south of Mount McKinley/Denali.

The city of Anchorage, Alaska is on a strip of coastal lowland and extends up the lower alpine slopes of the Chugach Mountains. To the south is Turnagain Arm, a fiord that has some of the world's highest tides. Knik Arm, another tidal inlet, lies to the west and north. The Chugach Mountains on the east form a boundary to development, but not to the city limits, which encompass part of the wild alpine territory of Chugach State Park. The city's seacoast consists mostly of treacherous mudflats.

Adjacent to the north is Matanuska-Susitna Borough (Mat-Su Valley, or just "the valley"), which is included with the MOA as a metropolitan area by the US Census. Although the Mat-Su is a "bedroom community" for Anchorage, the towns, suburbs, farms and homesteads there have varied local cultures quite distinct from that of Anchorage proper. Between metropolitan Anchorage and the valley the communities of Eagle River, Chugiak, and Birchwood, although part of the MOA, also have distinct identities.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the municipality has a total area of 1,961.1 square miles (5,079.2 km²), of which 1,697.2 square miles (4,395.8 km²) is land and 263.9 square miles (683.4 km²) is water. The total area is 13.46% water. The area of Anchorage is thus larger than that of Rhode Island.

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Anchorage, Alaska Wildlife - Moose

Alaska Travel Deals - Alaska Travel Savings

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Avis Rent a Car - Anchorage

Anchorage Downtown & Airport


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Aviation Museum

Alaska's Historic Pioneers of Flight


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Native Heritage Center

Cultural Experience


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Zoo

Wildlife of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic


Southcentral Alaska


Moose Creek Trading Post

Free Alaska Gift


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Railroad - Anchorage - Seward

Coastal Classic Anchorage & Seward


Southcentral Alaska


Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites

Anchorage, Alaska


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Railroad - Anchorage to Whittier

Train ride between Anchorage and Whittier


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Travel Adventures RV Park

Anchorage Ship Creek RV Park


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Zoo - Zoo Discovery Tour

Zoo Discovery Tour


Southcentral Alaska


Lifetime Adventures - Anchorage Bike Rental

Downtown Anchorage Bike Rental


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Botanical Garden

Showcasing northern horticulture and native plants


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Photo Treks

Cook Inlet Sunset Photo Safari


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Railroad - Anchorage – Denali National Park

Train Ride from Anchorage to Denali


Southcentral Alaska


Alaska Railroad - Anchorage – Fairbanks

Train Ride from Anchorage to Fairbanks


Southcentral Alaska







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