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Alaska Inside Passage Travel Deals 

Alaska Inside Passage Travel Deals - Scott McMurren's TourSaver Itinerary

Alaska Inside PassageUse the map to determine where you'll start your trip in the Alaska Inside Passage: from the north or from the south. All routes lead along the water up the narrow coastline through the communities of Ketchikan, Wrangell, Juneau, Gustavus, Skagway and Haines. We're starting from the south, heading north.

Day 1: Arrive in Ketchikan. Explore the coast on the water with Southeast Alaska Kayaks! Go flightseeing with Taquan Air in Misty Fjords National Monument! Stay at the Narrows Inn just north of the airport ferry.

Day 2: Today in Ketchikan, go on a Zipline! You'll zing through the rainforest canopy on a series of boardwalks and cables. Later, explore the historic "Creek Street" shopping district. Be sure and check out local artist Ray Troll's shop "Soho Coho". For dinner? Take a cab over to Bar Harbor. Awesome.

Day 3: Head north to Wrangell, where you can cruise up the Stikine River in a jetboat with Alaska Waters! This is the fastest navigable stream in North America. Ask about "Garnet Ledge" where they find the semi-precious stones! Also, check out the hot springs. It's a local favorite!

Day 4: Head out on the water to look for Humback whales and Orcas. with Alaska Whalewatching on a whalewatching trip.

Day 5-6: Save time to go on the Mt. Roberts Tram. Bring your camera. Hike up the trail for a million-dollar view. Stay at the Driftwood Hotel. Eat breakfast at the Sandpiper Cafe (best in town). Go across the bridge to Douglas for lunch at the awesome Island Pub. Great pizza--with some local "microbrew" beer. Return to Juneau for dinner at the Gold Creek Salmon Bake!

The next day, if you head north to Skagway:. Stay at the historic Skagway Inn. While you're in Skagway, visit Jewel Gardens and take a ride on the White Pass and Yukon Route narrow-gauge railway. Learn the history of the Gold Rush!

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Rainbow Glacier Adventures - Swan View Cabin Swan View Cabin Haines $115.00
Rainbow Glacier Adventures - Haines Photo Tour Haines Photo Tour Haines $150.00
Rainbow Glacier Adventures - Chilkoot Lake Wildlife Viewing Chilkoot Lake Nature & Wildlife Viewing Haines $130.00
Rainbow Glacier Adventures - Chilkoot Lake Kayaking Chilkoot Lake Kayaking Haines $130.00
Rainbow Glacier Adventures - Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Rafting Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Rafting Haines $130.00
Alaska Galore Tours Four Hour Salmon Fishing Trip Juneau $199.00
Alaska Whale Watching Whale Watching Cruise in Juneau Juneau $159.00
Alaska Seaplanes - Juneau to Skagway Roundtrip Air fare Juneau to Skagway Juneau $280.00
Alaska Seaplanes - Juneau to Sitka Roundtrip air fare between Juneau and Sitka Juneau $350.00
Alaska Seaplanes - Juneau to Hoonah Roundtrip air fare between Juneau and Hoonah Juneau $170.00
Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure Juneau $24.95
Alaska Canopy Adventures-Zipline-Juneau Rainforest & Zipline Expedition Juneau $189.00
Frontier Suites Airport Hotel Near Juneau Airport Juneau $199.00
Alaska Travel Adventures - Float Trip Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip Juneau $135.00
Mount Roberts Tramway Juneau, Alaska - Top Attraction Juneau $33.00
Alaska Travel Adventures - Salmon Bake Gold Creek Salmon Bake Juneau $52.00
Driftwood Hotel - Juneau Downtown Juneau, Alaska Juneau $150.00
Sled Dog Summer Camp-Temsco Dogsled/Sheep Creek Valley - Juneau Juneau $129.00
Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary Wildlife, Eagles and Totems Ketchikan $89.00
Local Alaskan Tours - Totem Tours Totem Tour Ketchikan $60.00
Interisland Ferry Authority (IFA) Roundtrip Ferry between Ketchikan and Hollis (Prince of Wales Island) Ketchikan $97.50
Alaska Travel Adventures - Canoe Adventure Rain Forest Canoe Adventure & Nature Trail Ketchikan $99.00
Local Alaskan Tours - Nature Tour Nature Tour Ketchikan $60.00
Clover Pass Resort RV Park Ketchikan, Alaska Ketchikan $39.00
Clover Pass Resort Skiff Rental Ketchikan, Alaska Ketchikan $90.00
Southeast Sea Kayaks Ketchikan Kayak Adventure Ketchikan $95.00
Alaska Sea Cycle Tours Historic Ward Cove Wildlife Tour Ketchikan $155.00
Local Alaskan Tours - Custom Van Tour Custom Van Tour Ketchikan $200.00
Taquan Air - Misty Fjords Classic Misty Fjords Floatplane Adventure Ketchikan $269.00
Alaska Canopy Adventures-Zipline-Ketchikan Bear Creek Zipline Adventure Ketchikan $189.00
Adventure Karts - Ketchikan Adventure Kart Expedition Ketchikan $209.00
Alaska Raptor Center Sitka, Alaska Sitka $12.00
Alaska Garden Gourmet Tour Skagway, Alaska Skagway $119.00
Rainbow Glacier Adventures - Skagway Photo Tour Skagway Photo Tour Skagway $150.00
Jewell Gardens Organic Garden and Glass Blowing Skagway $12.50
White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad White Pass Summit Excursion Skagway $122.00
Alaska Travel Adventures - Salmon Bake Liarsville Gold Camp & Salmon Bake Skagway $59.00
Klondike Gold Fields Gold Panning and Dredge Tour Skagway $30.00
Yukon Suspension Bridge - Cliffside Restaurant Dine between Skagway and Whitehorse Skagway $8.00
Yukon Suspension Bridge Between Skagway and Whitehorse Skagway $18.00
Historic Skagway Inn A Victorian Frontier Country Inn Skagway $239.00
Legends & Lies A Living History Klondike Saloon Experience Skagway $120.00
Alaska Waters RV Park RV Park Space Rental Wrangell $42.80
Alaska Waters - LeConte Glacier LeConte Glacier Excursion Wrangell $224.70
Alaska Waters - Stikine River Jetboat Tour on the Stikine River Wrangell $203.30
    Savings $5,725.75
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