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Tour to Valley of the 10,000 Smokes

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Drive from Brooks Camp, 23 miles to Overlook Cabin. Lunch is included. At the cabin, look over the "Valley of 10,000 Smokes." Hike down with the tour guide to examine the ash and pumice "Valley" floor.Transportation to Brooks Camp not included. Advance reservations required. Must mention coupon when making reservations. Space is limited. Not combinable with any other promotion, offer, or discount.

The June 1912 eruption of Novarupta Volcano altered the Katmai area dramatically. Severe earthquakes rocked the area for a week before Novarupta exploded with cataclysmic force. Enormous quantities of hot, glowing pumice and ash were ejected from Novarupta and nearby fissures. This material flowed over the terrain, destroying all life in its path. Trees upslope were snapped off and carbonized by the blasts of hot wind and gas. For several days, ash, pumice, and gas were ejected and a haze darkened the sky over most of the Northern Hemisphere.

When it was over, more than 65 square kilometers (40 square miles) of lush green land lay buried beneath volcanic deposits as much as 200 meters (700 feet) deep. At nearby Kodiak, for two days a person could not see a lantern held at arm's length. Acid rain caused clothes to disintegrate on clotheslines in distant Vancouver, Canada. The eruption was 10 times more forceful than the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens. Eventually Novarupta became dormant. In the valleys of Knife Creek and the Ukak River, innumerable small holes and cracks developed in the volcanic ash deposits, permitting gas and steam from the heated ground water to escape.

Today you can take the trip from Brooks Camp out to the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, where the turbulent Ukak River and its tributaries cut deep gorges in the accumulated ash. The landscape slowly recovers: In nature, each destruction is some where's new creation.

The tour meets at the lower viewing platform at 8:30am. The bus driver is also the tour guide, so feel free to ask questions. The 23 mile drive to Overlook Cabin is broken up with stops for scenic views and wildlife viewing. At Overlook Cabin you'll have time for lunch and to look over displays and historic photos of the "Valley of 10,000 Smokes." Those interested may hike down with the tour guide to examine the ash and pumice "Valley" floor. The hike is a bit strenuous. We recommend that you dress in layers so you can layer on or off as exercise and the weather dictate. A raincoat and comfortable walking shoes are a must.

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