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Don't miss a visit to Kenai Fjords National Park when you come to Alaska. Alaska TourSaver® offers 2-for-1 deals for Kenai Peninsula tours and attractions that should be on all visitors' "Must See" list. Our favorite is the National Park Tour. It's an 7.5-hour excursion into Kenai Fjords National Park, and features up-close looks at wildlife, marine mammals, sea birds and b-i-g glaciers like Aialik Glacier! Your captain may sneak right up to the face of the glacier and turn off the engine. You can hear the ice cracking and crumbling. AWESOME! After exploring Kenai Fjords National Park, be prepared to bunk down for the night at the historic Van Gilder Hotel.

Kenai Fjords National ParkThe next day, stop by the Alaska SeaLife Center. Part research station, part rehabilitation for sea animals and part educational tool for visitors to Kenai Fjords National Park, it's a "must do" when you're visiting Seward. Inside the Center, you'll learn more about how the staff is monitoring the wildlife in Kenai Fjords National Park. There are several webcams located throughout the park that you can control remotely in the center! Don't miss it! Afterwards, explore Seward. Learn about the effects of the great 1964 earthquake on the Kenai Peninsula and the tsunami that followed. Learn about how the community pulled together and rebuilt the town! Glaciers, wildlife and fabulous scenery! It's all part of your visit to Kenai Fjords National Park!

Established in 1980 by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, Kenai Fjords National Park is a United States National Park on the Kenai Peninsula in southcentral Alaska near the town of Seward. The park contains the Harding Icefield, one of the largest ice fields in the United States. The park covers an area of around 1,760 square miles.

The park can be reached from the town of Seward, 130 miles south of Anchorage. The park receives about 250,000 visitors per year and, although it is one of the quieter National Parks, the visitation is quite high for Alaska.

It is only one of three national parks in Alaska that can be reached by the road, at the Exit Glacier entrance. An easy stroll there leads you to the base of an impressive glacier. The other popular way to visit the Park consists in taking day tour on a boat, starting in Seward. Along the way, you get to see marine wildlife, steep fjords, and tidewater glaciers. Other visitation options require extensive planning and backcountry travel.

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