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It really is a toss-up if you ask "What is the best sport-fishing in the state?" Fact is, there is great salmon fishing, great halibut fishing and great trout fishing around the state.

But it's more than that. Each section of Alaska fishing has its own calendar, its own language and its own values.

For example, sport-fishing nuts come from around the world to hook into one of the famous Kenai River king salmon. When it comes to Alaska fishing for king salmon, the Kenai River stands alone. Use a guide, though. It's the best way to hook into a king salmon. Check out RW's Alaska fishing.

Then there are the trout fishermen. Instead of the husky rods used to land the big salmon, the trout-seekers set out with a skinny fly rod. In fact, many of Alaska's wilderness rivers are "fly only, catch and release" fisheries. Many of the world's best trout streams in Katmai National Park fall into this category. Part of the reason is that in the cold northern waters, trout are slow to grow. Many anglers appreciate that these are wild trout, rather than hatchery-bred. Throughout the Alaska fishing community, Katmai National Park is known as "Angler's Paradise". In fact, the park is home to the longest continuously-operated fishing lodges in the state--more than 55 years!

Alaska fishing in Kachemak Bay near Homer is Ground Zero for halibut fishermen. The big fish grow big and strong in the prolific marine environment. Here's a tip, though: head over to Seldovia to go fishing for halibut. Why? Because you're much closer to the prime fishing grounds. The State of Alaska has a webpage devoted to Alaska fishing.

There are many wilderness lakes and rivers throughout Alaska that beckon to the intrepid angler. In the Wood-Tikchik State Park, Bear Bay Lodge offers both lake fishing for trout and char and fly-out king salmon fishing on the Nushagak River. Located on Lake Aleknagek, 30 miles north of Dillingham, it's a great setting in beautiful country!

Even in Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, there are several salmon runs downtown in Ship Creek. Throughout the summer, visitors can stop by Ship Creek and cast for king salmon or for silver salmon, depending on the season.

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