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The Alaska Railroad winds it way through 500 miles of rugged Alaska terrain and wild landscapes from Seward, at the southern most point and Fairbanks to the north. More than 500,000 passengers each year take Alaska railroad tours to get to their destinations while taking in the wilds of Alaska at a leisurely pace. The Alaska TourSaver offers eight great Alaska railroad discounts on the most popular routes.

The mighty Alaska Railroad recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary in Alaska, the “Great Land.” In 1914, the U.S. Government set forth on an ambitious plan to connect Alaskans and bring the territory’s natural resources to market using the railroad. This led to the establishment of Anchorage in 1915—which now is Alaska’s largest city…and continues as the headquarters of the Alaska Railroad.

Today, the mighty Alaska Railroad links cruise ship passengers docking in Whittier and Seward with the incredible wilderness along the “Rail Belt” featuring Talkeetna, Denali National Park and Fairbanks. Along the way, travelers can see glaciers, mountains and incredible views of the wilderness and wildlife.

For many visitors (and residents), a trip on the Alaska Railroad is a relaxing way to see some of the most beautiful parts of Alaska without worrying about oncoming traffic! In addition to providing a safe and efficient means of conveynence , the railroad crew knows where all of the best views are. In fact, there’s a spot north of Talkeetna known as “Kodachrome Corner,” where the train comes to a full stop. On sunny days, there is an unobstructed view of Denali. Everyone takes turns going to the open windows to take the “perfect shot” of the giant mountain. 

During the summer season, the Alaska Railroad features student guides who share historic moments about the railroad along the way. They’ll also encourage you to point out wildlife to fellow passengers. This includes Dall’s Sheep and beluga whales along the Turnagain Arm, moose (everywhere), bears (anywhere) and caribou. You’ll also learn about special features of the railroad, including the giant bridge over Hurrican Gulch, the unique one-lane rail/auto tunnel to Whittier and the unusual “corkscrew” route up to Grandview Glacier on the way between Portage and Seward.

Alaska Railroad Discounts | Alaska Railroad Tours

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Alaska Railroad Discounts - Alaska Railroad Tours

On your summer trip, hop aboard the Alaska Railroad for a tour down Turnagain Arm to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!

Rail Tour - Anchorage to Denali National Park 

Alaska Train - Denali National Park

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