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After 21 years of publication, we receive testimonials and accolades from our customers that continually inspire us to produce better TourSaver® experiences for Alaska travelers.  We pick the best Alaska travel destinations and Alaska tours, operated by our friends. Add some adventure, some wildlife and some unmatched natural beauty and you have recipe for fun. TourSaver is a buy-one-get one-free travel coupon book for Alaska travel deals designed to save you money.

TourSaver is the perfect Alaska travel companion. All of the TourSaver vendors want you to have a memorable Alaska vacation!

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"More fellow vacationers were either excited (if they had this book) or totally sick (if they didn't) when we told them of the TourSaver book we were using - Alaska's best-kept secret!!! We saved hundreds and then thousands as we took advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free on quality tours and admission fees by using this book. If you do anything, before you go to Alaska, GET THE TOURSAVER BOOK!" -- Ringleader-Virtual Tourist

"I hope you don't mind an unsolicited email letting you know how happily surprised I was by your Alaska Tour Saver book. Like many people, I am reluctant to trust internet deals that seem to good to be true. That was certainly true when I first found your website. I decided $99.95 was not too much to risk and I purchased the book." -- Anonymous

"THAT WAS A GOOD DECISION! The book was everything promised and then some. On my family's two-week vacation in Alaska we saved almost $1,500.00 on hotels and Alaska tours -- and we used very few of the discounts from the book because there just wasn't enough time to use more. In short, you promised and you delivered." -- Best regards...Ken W.

"Best travel tip I have is to buy The Alaska TourSaver coupon book and then--USE IT! We bought one of these before we first came to Alaska. It saved us bucko bucks. We not only used it to save money on attractions we also used it as a tour guide. It lead us to day tours, campgrounds, museums, all sorts of neat places. Have relatives coming to visit that you want to spend time with? Buy the TourSaver book and go out and play tourist with them. Have relatives coming to visit that you DON'T want to spend time with? Buy the TourSaver book and GIVE it to them, so they have LOTS of things to do every day." -- Coleen S.

"Got back from our trip to Alaska a week ago--and what a great time. The TourSaver book was fantastic. Did adventures that we would have not done with out the coupons or even known about--flightseeing around Mt McKinley and landing on a glacier was a fantastic experience. Kayking and mountain biking topped off 2 1/2 weeks of fun. All told we probably saved between $750 and $1000 on the tours and activities we did." -- Posted by...Barbara B.

"The book really works. We bought two for our family of five and saved $650 dollars alone on one flightseeing with glacier landing for four of us. One was too chicken to go. We also saved money on the SeaLife Center. Kenai Fjords Cruise, Stan Stephens Cruise, Riverboat Discovery, and El Dorado Mine plus we got some free souvenirs in downtown Anchorage. I would definitely buy it again. It allowed us to do more Alaska tours than we normally would. We went July 23-Aug 9, 2007. Weather was good most of the time but had our share of cloudy days...My husband will tell you it's the best trip he's ever taken. It was an awesome experience." -- Posted by...kygirl59

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Alaskas Tours - Alaska Travel Deals

"I used the TourSaver book for $99.95 this past summer. I got almost $1,200 in discounts for my excursion. With all the Alaska tourism it is worth every penny." -- Posted by...ANTEATERMOM

"My parents used this book on their 8-day vacation and saved over $1000.00! These are all top attractions for Alaska travel that were beyond their budget at full price. They were able to enjoy the vacation of their dreams. Using just one coupon saved them much more than they paid for the book. Everything from Kenai to Fairbanks along with the Inside Passage and Denali National Park. Go flightseeing, golfing, stay at top hotels and get the 2nd night free! Go white water rafting or fishing. Train passage, tours, inter-island ferry passage and lots of other Alaska tourism to save on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. I never had a problem redeeming these coupons." -- DK Hillman

"Some splurges are worth it to some people and not to others. This discount travel book costs just $99.95 and has great 2-for-1 coupons. We have bought this book twice and highly recommend it. Alaska deals included vary year to year but one whale watching coupon out of Seward or Valdez will pay for the book." -- Senior Member--RV NET

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