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The Alaska TourSaver® is the end result of many hopes, dreams and desires for us. We've worked on this project for more than 20 years--but the team has collaborated for 30 years here in Alaska. 

Scott McMurren arrived in Alaska the day after he graduated from the University of Oregon (Go DUCKS!), with his backpack, his bicycle, a small band of merry pranksters--and little else. He went to work for the Anchorage Times. But he left that job to work for a string of retail travel agencies. For many years, Scott has written a weekly travel column--first for the Anchorage Daily News, now for the Alaska Dispatch. He publishes a weekly email travel newsletter called the Alaska Travelgram®. He loves to travel around Alaska and report back about his adventures. Follow him on: 
www.facebook.com/alaska.travelgram and
Twitter: www.twitter.com/alaskatravelgrm.

Gary Blakely arrived in Alaska after driving up the Alaska Highway with a satellite TV dish mounted on a trailer, towed behind a Chevy van. Residents of Alaska bush communities got to look at HBO and ESPN for the first time. From there, he went on to manage a local TV station in Anchorage and help run a full-service video production facility. He is the company photographer--and never misses an opportunity to share his images of Alaska. Gary is also the "internet guru" for the company--overseeing the development of the websites and promotional campaigns. He specializes in digital marketing and data science for the company.

Together, the team is committed to providing the best travel opportunities to discover the beauty and wonder of Alaska. We've hand-picked the participating vendors. Frankly, most of them are personal friends--and we have a vested interest in making sure you have a great time. We want you to return year after year to Alaska! The 2020 edition has more than $15,000 in travel savings. There are more than 110 2-for-1 offers: glacier cruises, rail trips, rafting, fishing, flightseeing, adventure trips, hotels, car rentals and cultural trips. We've tried to think of everything. Most of all, we want you to fall in love with Alaska--just like we did.

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This year marks the 21st edition of the Alaska TourSaver®. Choose from a wide variety of activities from around the state: a fishing trip in Kodiak, a sea-kayaking tour in Ketchikan, a flight over Denali, a riverboat tour in Fairbanks, a hiking or kayaking adventure in Lake Clark National Park or accommodations in every region of the state. Explore the website and find the right adventure for you and your family.

Over 85,000 travelers from around the world have used the Alaska TourSaver, sending us "rave reviews" about the program.

Alaska is a big state with plenty to do. We've picked our favorite activities, based on our 60 years' combined Alaskan experience. We hope you'll enjoy our state as much as we do. It's our home--and we're happy to share it with you. And with the Alaska TourSaver, you'll be able to travel more and spend less!

Alaska TourSaver has been a friend and supporter of Special Olympics Alaska since its first edition in 1999.

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