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I’ve published the Alaska Travelgram each week since 1999. It’s a fun project–all about travel around the state…and around the world.

I’m an Alaska travel expert, with 30 years’ experience in the travel business–primarily in Anchorage. I’ve lived here for 39 years with my wife, our kids and our dog, Roo. We love Alaska. 

The “mission” of Alaska Travelgram is to provide “news you can use” about new travel destinations, hot travel deals, special insider knowledge on when and how to get the best deals, and other items of interest to travelers. I consider travel to be the first leg of diplomacy–so I am a real evangelist for the art and practice of traveling–whether it’s around Alaska or around the world.

~Scott McMurren  

Alaska Travel Advice - Alaska Travel Tips

Alaska Travel Expert Scott McMurren

Are you headed on a cruise for your Alaska vacation? Chances are you'll be calling in ports throughout the Inside Passage, or southeast Alaska. I have been to all of the "ports of call" in Alaska.

Many travelers plan their Alaska vacation to watch wildlife. Whether it's bears or birds, there are special areas that are better than others. There are several areas of the state where you can count on seeing moose, caribou, plus an occasional fox or Musk ox.

For bird watching, plan on doing a little flying of your own to get the most out of your Alaska vacation. The Pribilof Islands, off the western coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea, is known as the "Galapagos of the North" because of its diverse bird species.

Looking for bears? There are a couple of good locations on the Alaska Peninsula. One is in the midst of Katmai National Park. Bears love to gather at the world-famous Brooks River Falls to feed on migrating red salmon.

Another group of travelers want to see incredible scenery on their Alaska vacation. Truth is, you'll see great scenery wherever you go in Alaska. But there are incredible glaciers and mountains all over the state--and you can plan your trip so you'll see lots of big country! 

There are many other options for travelers: fishing, hunting, hiking, biking and rafting, among others. So don't wait! Start planning your Alaska vacation today, and save by ordering the TourSaver book!  Give me a call and I will help you.

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