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Gray Line of Alaska
Portage Glacier Cruise

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Experience the rugged beauty of Portage Glacier from the top of the M/V Ptarmigan. One of the most spectacular sights in Alaska is glacier calving, when massive chunks of ice break away and plunge into the water. And one of the very best places to witness calving is Portage Lake, located an hour south of Anchorage. Here, Alaska's second most visited attraction is just a boat ride away: mighty Portage Glacier.

Portage Glacier, via the Seward Highway, is about 50 miles south of Anchorage. The Portage Glacier Access Road winds past a series of campgrounds and to the impressive Begich, Boggs Visitor Center. Portage Glacier is retreating, and no longer visible from the center’s observation decks, but the center is still worth visiting to see exhibits that let visitors walk through a simulated ice cave, view live ice worms or touch an iceberg.  

Portage Glacier Cruise - One of Alaska's top attractions.


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Portage Glacier Cruise - Alaska

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