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Here’s an adventure that has “ALASKA” written all over it.


From Anchorage, take a right hand turn toward the nation’s largest national park…Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. It’s a day-long drive from Anchorage up through the Matanuska Valley to get to the Chitina Road. Drive slowly on the last 60 miles.


When you get to McCarthy, call for a pickup from the Kennicott Glacier Lodge. There’s a 2-for-1 coupon in the TourSaver book (page 52 $195 Value). The lodge is in the middle of the ghost town of Kennicott, where the world’s largest copper mine once operated. Now, it’s an adventure-travel hub.

Kennicott Glacier Lodge

Day one: Go for a half-day glacier hike on the Root Glacier with McCarthy River Tours & Outfitters (page 54 for the 2-for-1 $95 value). They’ll have crampons so you can walk on the ice!!


Day two: Go flightseeing with Wrangell Mountain Air (page 55 for the 2-for-1 coupon $110 value). This is an exceptional air tour over mountains, rivers, glaciers and extraordinary countryside.


Day three: go for a float trip wtih McCarthy River Tours (page 53 for the 2-for-1 $99 value).

McCarthy River Outfitters

After leaving McCarthy, go to the Richardson Highway and turn left for Valdez. Check in to the Mountain Sky Hotel in Valdez (page 86 for $199 value).


Make plans to sail the next day with Stan Stephens Cruises. This is a great trip.


After spending the night, you can take the ferry across Prince WIlliam Sound to get back to Anchorage quickly (NOTE: This is NOT in the book, but it’s still a great trip). Alternatively, you can turn around and drive the 305 miles back to Anchorage!!

Stan Stephens Cruises

Here’s what you’ll save on this TourSaver itinerary for two people:

1. Kennicott Glacier Lodge $199
2. McCarthy River Tours Glacier hike $95
3. Wrangell Mountain Air tour $110
4. McCarthy River Tours float trip $99
5. Mountain Sky Hotel in Valdez $199


Fiscal note: You need to SPEND the money in order save a like amount. Then, there’s the cost of gas, your meals and other expenses that are not specifically mentioned (TIPS for your guides, for example). Still, this is a studly savings scheme…for an epic Alaska adventure!!

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